SSP is attending Sound Summit in northern
California from 9-6 through 9-10.
The shop will remain open.
Our cabinets are high end, custom and
can take 4 to 6 weeks to build. I will write
when I'm 1 week from delivery.
If we have cabinets in stock, we will post
it on the site.
Shipping will be within 48 hours.

SSP custom speakers cabinets, pedal boards, custom rack
design and true bypass pedals.
SSP uses Baltic Birch plywood and area hardwoods,
our joinery and our price makes SSP cabs the best value
around! We use tongue & groove joints which are hard
to beat, the speaker boards and backs are dadoed in to sides
and top.
Organic, routed handles are standard and make for a one of a
kind, natural look, that stands out from others.
We try to waste very little so the inside box / handle cup are
made from back cut outs.
By request, we can use black metal handles that are countersunk
(No extra charge for wood or metal handles).
No screws are needed in the building of SSP cabs!
I am a working musician first so I understand what musicians


JGB Jerry rig II. Melvin Seals and Tracy Lowe
after our 2-26-12 show.
Melvin ordered a custom rig from SSP and I was fortunate
enough to be the guitarist with Melvin at this show. I
played this rig for the 1st time! Sarno classic into a new
tube Mcintosh MC275, 3 JBL E120’s, SSP 3/4 cab and
custom flight cases.

Dark Star Orchestra’s new SSP WOS bass cabinet.

Even though SSP cabinets are the most reasonably priced
cabinets, we are now offering
$100.00 unfinished, high grade cabinets.
Go to store page for details.

Go to the facebook page for updates and to see other friends rigs.
Like the page if you want.
We are having a hard time answering all of the emails that come
in so please look through the site. I will send a tracking number
before shipping cabinets.

I get a lot of emails from people so It may take
a while to get back since I am a professional
working musician first and I build cabinets on
the side. I build every
cabinet from beginning to end by myself!
Thanks for the tremendous amount of interest in
Click this for more SSP cabinet photos on FB.
Every piece of wood cut, finished and assembled is
done in house, by SSP! No construction is outsourced!!!!
NO CORNERS ARE CUT EVER! It takes a fair
amount of time to build each cabinet as there are
many steps. It takes time to build SSP boxes and it
could be 30 to 60 days unless cabinets are in stock.

SSP can’t guarantee used speakers!
If you send speakers to us, to be put in boxes, we can’t be held liable for damage
While being shipped either way.

Contact SSP
I get a lot of emails and I sort through them when I get time, sorry if I didn’t get back
in a timely manner.

SoundScaper Productions (SSP) Festus MO
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