Custom cabinets.

The half cabinet.
400.00 with a wooden speaker cover and aluminum
speaker clamps (pictured on this page). Tie dye grille
and see through grill is extra.

Attached with neodymium magnets.
Comes wired with 1 mono speaker jack, with eight
aluminum speaker clamps and 5/16" hex head bolts,
attached with T-nuts.
Dimensions 15" x 29" x 13"
Organic handles routed into the cabinet
make for a one of a kind, natural look that stands
out from others.
Speaker clamps on SSP cabinets were designed for
JBL speakers, other speakers may require a small shim
between speaker and clamp.
Use pull down menu for options and pricing.
Above is the organic half!

New $200.00 unfinished 2x12 cabinet.

They are the same exact cabinet that
we sell but all you get is a rough
sanded cabinet with speaker holes
cut out.
No adding handles, or jack plates to
these cabinets but we will send handles,
magnets, wood covers and grills for extra
You add jack plate, handle, lacquer,
magnets, front or grill and the labor
to finish. You cut out handle, jack and
the back, if you desire an open back.
What you will receive is what is pictured
(you will get the corner magnet blocks
but no magnets.

Half cabinet